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Depression in the Elderly – Recognize the Signs

Here is an excellent infographic outlining the symptoms of depression in the elderly and how you can recognize the signs. You should keep your eye out for negative thoughts, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, sadness, weight loss, increased use of alcohol or drugs. If you... read more

Senior Homecare Video Series – Driving Safety

This video is part of our informational series on caring for seniors.   This video focuses on talking to seniors about your concerns about their driving safety. Driving is a huge part of our culture and asking an elderly driver to re-evaluate their driving safety can... read more

Introduction to Senior Homecare Video Series

This is our first video introducing our upcoming video series focused on the content available in our Senior Homecare by Angels informational brochures. Topics of our videos will include: “Talking to your loved one” – how to discuss home care with your loved one.... read more

How do you have the difficult conversation about homecare?

Discussing homecare with a loved one can be a difficult conversation especially when talking to your parents. In many cases your parents may be reluctant to admit that they could use some help and even more reluctant to accept the help. If this conversation is brought... read more

How do you prepare financially to stay in your home?

I’ve talked to many groups and many seniors over the past 11 years about homecare services and options. The vast majority are emphatic that they want to stay living in their own homes for as long as possible, however when you ask them if they have financially prepared... read more

The mental and physical health benefits of volunteering

Did you know that volunteering is good for you? It is! Volunteering has many mental and physical health benefits. Volunteering increases self-confidence, doing good things for others makes you feel better about yourself, boosting self-esteem and life satisfaction.... read more

3 Critical Steps for Fall Prevention in Seniors

We all remember the iconic late night commercial that was widely circulated in the 1980’s of the senior lady falling and saying…wait for it…you know this one, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Unfortunately, falls in seniors are no laughing matter.  As our parents age... read more

Fall Prevention in Seniors Step 1: Review Health & Safety

There are basic things surrounding health and safety that can be done to help prevent falls around the home. Review Medications: A good place to start is medications. Does your loved one take 3 or more medications daily? Multiple medications can cause dizziness,... read more

Fall Prevention in Seniors Step 2: Determine Abilities

Your parent’s or other senior loved ones’ abilities can affect their risk of having a fall. Do they have trouble with the following tasks: Reaching overhead? Put commonly used items within easy reach. Move them to lower shelves and cabinets. If they must reach... read more