Senior Care Assessment

We recognize that as our loved ones age their health may diminish or demands may increase which can mean the level of support and care they require becomes overwhelming. Our Senior Care Assessment is designed to help families determine if it is time for them to explore different options to help care for their loved ones.

To complete the Senior Care Assessment simply answer Yes or No to each of the 12 questions below.

If you answer yes to 3 or more questions it is likely time to consider additional support for your loved one.

  • Does a family visit involve an abundance of chores rather than meaningful family time
  • Are you worrying about your loved ones during work?
  • Are you missing work to care for a loved one?
  • Do you feel your family relationships are suffering due to the amount of caregiving you are providing?
  • Have you taken a loved one to the Hospital Emergency Department within the past month?
  • Are you worried about your loved one falling?
  • Are you worried about your loved one being alone during the night?
  • Are you receiving calls throughout the night from your loved one?
  • Are you concerned that your loved one is not maintaining proper hygiene?
  • Are you concerned that your loved one is not eating properly?
  • Is your loved one having difficulty performing activities of daily living?
  • Is your loved one unable to do shopping and errands on their own?

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