Discussing homecare with a loved one can be a difficult conversation especially when talking to your parents. In many cases your parents may be reluctant to admit that they could use some help and even more reluctant to accept the help. If this conversation is brought up in the right way it can actually go quite smoothly.

Tell your parents how you feel, don’t tell them what they need. Avoid using the word “you”, such as, “you need help around the house, you aren’t eating properly, and you are not safe on your own.” Instead use “I” language, such as, “I am worried about your safety, I am concerned about your nutrition.” Put things in terms of how you are feeling and express your concern for your parents, let them know if it is causing stress in your life. 

Quite often the underlying reason your parents are reluctant to accept help is because they feel like they are losing control of their lives, and losing their independence. This can be hard for people to come to terms with so by expressing that you are worrying about them it gives your parents an out. They can rationalize that they are accepting some help not because they really need it but so that you, their adult child, won’t worry so much. It’s more for you than for them and then once your parents have received some of the help they usually warm up to the idea after seeing its benefits. Your parents will realize that homecare isn’t the end of their independence it is actually enhancing and enabling them to remain independent.


Christian Bullas, Owner of Senior Homecare by Angels