There are basic things surrounding health and safety that can be done to help prevent falls around the home.

Review Medications: A good place to start is medications. Does your loved one take 3 or more medications daily? Multiple medications can cause dizziness, drowsiness and balance problems, all of which can lead to a potential fall. In Ontario you can have your medications reviewed by a pharmacist if you 3 or more prescriptions.

Hearing Loss: A quick review of your loved ones basic health can be very useful. Does you parent have issues with their hearing? Quite often dizziness can occur with hearing loss. Ensure your parents have had a recent hearing test.

Vision Loss: Same thing with your parent’s vision, when was the last time they have had their eyes checked?  It is important to have them checked yearly as sudden changes in vision can happen. Seeing obstacles is the first step in avoiding a fall. Make sure that eye glasses are clean and ensure that your parents are wearing them at night when getting up to go to the washroom.

Clothing: Do your parents wear floppy slippers or a long bath-robe? These can cause falls.  Seniors should wear well-fitting slippers with non-skid soles and avoid night clothes that drag on the ground and keep their robe tied.

History of Falls: Have you parents had 2 or more falls in the past 6 months? If so have them visit their doctor. You need to find out why they are falling, falls lead to injuries, be proactive!