What is In-Home Care?

As our loved ones age their health may diminish or demands may increase which can mean the level of support and care they requires becomes overwhelming. Seniors and their families can find themselves in role reversal, where the children are caring for the parents. In some cases this can be uncomfortable for one or both parties.

At this point families are faced with a difficult decision: how do you continue to provide the love and support that your loved one requires?  If you’re not sure if it is time to seek additional support you can complete our Senior Care Assessment.

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If you have determined there’s a need for additional support then you likely realize there are many options available to you including:

Home Care
Ongoing Family Support
Retirement Home
Nursing Home

What Should You Know About Home Care?

Home care can be a very affordable option for families as compared to many retirement homes. Early on many seniors only need a little bit of help in the home in order to remain independent.

Isolation can also be a concern as a senior’s circle of friends may not be as large as it once was and as busy families live further apart. As well, it is a benefit for a senior who may still see their family on a regular basis to have interaction with a third party. Someone who doesn’t know or hasn’t heard all their stories, someone who will bring a fresh perspective, a new conversation.

To learn more about the services offered through Home Care: