How do you cope with aging parents? Make small changes but take some risks.

Change can be hard at any age, but it can be an even bigger challenge with an aging parent. Your parents probably have set routines that date back years and even decades. The change is usually unwelcomed or forced upon them by illness. In this case it is important to ensure your parent is involved in the decision making process.

You should opt for small changes at each step of the process. Instead of insisting that your loved one go to a retirement residence because they are not keeping up with housework or cooking proper meals, you could instead hire a housecleaner, use a meals on wheels service or look at homecare options. There is no need to jump to a solution that may be necessary five years down the road when partial help would suffice.

You know your parents and just because they are aging it doesn’t mean they are changing who they are, in my opinion as people age they actually become more of who they really are, and that can be good or bad. So with that information, you should have a good idea of how to approach the situation. Take some risks if your parents are capable of realistically recognizing them and chooses to take them. See what works and what doesn’t. Again take small steps. At first partial help may be all that is needed and it is a good way for your parents to get used to accepting some help.

Many of our clients who receive quite a bit of care started out with just a little care at first and worked their way up as they became more comfortable with the change.

Christian Bullas

Owner, Senior Homecare by Angels


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