How do you cope with an aging parent? Think creatively.

When encountering issues with an aging parent, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time for a retirement or nursing home. Think creatively, there are many ways to skin a cat (what a horrible analogy, who created that one?) anyways there are lots of options. Get together with other family and friends and brainstorm about ways to help your parents in doing chores, in continuing to pursue their interests, and ensuring that they have as much decision making opportunity as possible.

There are many options available such as family providing assistance, multiple family members can divide chores and tasks and provide assistance, with each family member doing a small part that adds up to a lot, with the added bonus of more frequent visits. In some cases one family member may be able and willing to provide living arrangements for an aging parent in their home. Other options are exploring what services are available to your parent. Combining all options together, is another way of thinking creatively in order to support your parents.

Modern technology is evolving in regards to senior care and senior issues, be sure to research how and what technology is available to assist your parents in the aging process. There are many monitoring devices that can ensure the safety of an aging parent and enable them to remain living independent even longer than you may have imagined. There are apps that can assist with managing medications and monitoring health conditions. Facebook is a great way for computer savvy seniors to stay connected to family and friends and stay engaged in what is happening in their lives. Seniors are also using video games to stay active, the Nintendo Wii is being used in many retirement residences and Long Term Care facilities to provide low impact exercise for seniors that is engaging and fun.

There are many solutions out there to the problems that you and your parents may be facing. Time to put on our thinking caps!

Christian Bullas

Owner, Senior Homecare by Angels


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