How do you cope with aging parents? Reassure your parents and help them retain control.

When your parents are experiencing changes in their lives due to the aging process, it is important to let them know they are not alone. Expressing your support and willingness to provide help can be a big relief for your parents who in many cases are too preoccupied with trying not to be a burden to ask for help that they need and you are willing to provide. In a lot of cases parents are looking for reassurance to decisions that they have already made, but would like your approval such as selling the family home.

While offering support and reassurance it is important to respect your parents need to make their own decisions and to remain in control of their lives. One of the leading causes of stress is losing control, of any situation, that is where we usually find our stress and the same is true for our parents. Limits are often placed on our parent’s autonomy due to sickness, lack of financial resources and the quality of family relationships. Support your parents, offer advice, and resources but if they are cognitively able the decision is ultimately theirs and their participation in the decision making process is an important step in maintaining control. In a lot of cases there are resources and services available that will enable your parents to stay or regain control of their lives.

Avoid making major decisions in haste or in a reactive way, do your research and get all the information, educate yourself and your parents about the issue and make an informed and well thought out decision. 

Christian Bullas

Owner, Senior Homecare by Angels

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