Senior Care Speaking

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Session 1: Home Care

This session addresses the issues the adult children of aging seniors are dealing with and educates them on different aspects of senior care. We discuss what the Community Care Access Centre is, what their role is in homecare and Long Term care. We share what homecare can do for you and your family and finally we talk about the process of hiring a homecare agency, what to look out for.

Session 2: Financial Advisors and Their Clients

This session explores why financial advisors should be including homecare and long term care costs in their client’s retirement plans. We cover both the benefits to the advisors and to their clients in having this important discussion.

Three key questions are explored:

  • Why should your client be thinking about Long Term Care, Retirement Homes and Homecare?
  • How do your client’s want to live in their after retirement?
  • What are the costs of homecare and LTC and retirement homes?